What is EGS?

Electronic Gaming Society (EGS) is a Rochester Institute of Technology student government sponsored club.
EGS is operated by students on a non-profit and volunteer basis. EGS holds various events based around video games and other interactive electronic entertainment in a social atmosphere.

EGS's mission is to provide the best gaming events to all varieties of gamers and
non-gamers by hosting PC and console events that cater to the population of RIT. We aim to make RIT a gaming hotspot for professional and casual gaming. EGS also seeks to attract interest from all over the country. As EGS, we look to get gamers out of their rooms and into social situations where they can bond with other individuals who share the same interests. Also, we encourage an active online community via the EGS website, Facebook page, Twitter page, Steam group, and game servers.

More information about our organization can be found in our official club Constitution